Are you a small business owner that has often wondered if there are financial solutions that benefit your business? Every business is unique, and your services shouldn’t be built as a one size fits all, because every business has a different goal in mind. Treasury management is the epitome of combining business products that are tailored to help manage cash flow, optimize liquidity and mitigate risks, allowing business owners to streamline their operations and alleviate the stress of daily operations.  

Understanding Treasury Management 101
There are various business functions that treasury management can help manage such as payments, disbursements, collections, deposits, liquidity and investments. First Savings Bank offers an experienced treasury management team plus customized solutions to provide businesses with personalized services that automate routine tasks and gain financial insights. Overall, treasury management is vital for optimizing financial resources, improving cash flow management, mitigating risk and streamlining daily operations. When businesses owners leverage these services, it gives them the opportunity to focus more on the business’s long-term stability.

Different Types of Treasury Management Services
If you have outlined the goals of your business, you can then determine which treasury management solutions are most beneficial to you. Our team offers a wide range of solutions aimed to help with various operations that business owners focus on each and every day. Let’s outline a list of popular treasury services and what they provide to business owners.

Account reconciliation: Provides your business the option to use automated reporting which simplifies the task of reconcilement.

Positive Pay: Adds an extra layer of fraud protection by matching paid items to items that you have issued.

ACH: Easily provides business owners with a way to collect payments from customers on a recurring basis on items such as membership fees, utility charges and insurance payments.

Remote Deposit Capture: Delivers you with a new way to make your deposits without ever leaving your office.  

Online Wire Transfers: Allows you to send wire transfers from your office while establishing security procedures to protect your company.

Sweep Services: Prevents your money from sitting idle. A sweep account can automatically move money from your business account to pay down on a line of credit or to another interest-bearing account.

At First Savings Bank, we offer comprehensive treasury management services tailored to meet specific business needs, each designed to provide your business with the competitive edge it is looking for. Give our team a call at 1-812-218-6816 to uncover what your business has been missing.

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