What to do if your card is lost or stolen

Record the toll-free numbers of all credit cards you carry in your wallet in a secure place. If your card(s) become lost or stolen, immediately notify the creditor(s) so they can cancel your card(s) and issue new ones. You would then need to file a police report....

ATM Safety

Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs) are a convenient way for you to transact banking. Follow these 5 tips to make your transaction safe whether you are using your neighborhood First Saving Bank ATM or one halfway across the globe: 1.Prepare your deposit slips, envelopes,...

Why is it so important to keep your smartphone updated?

Whether you are an Android, iPhone or Windows Mobile user, updating your phone when new software updates become available is an easy and safe way to make sure your smartphone is as secure as possible, you are getting the best mobile experience, and bugs you might not...

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