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Certificate of Deposits

We realize you have worked hard to build your financial wealth and that planning for your future can be challenging. Whether your needs include saving for college, travel, or building your retirement, selecting an investment can be a difficult choice. Our trusted advisors are here to help you make the best selection for your financial goals. We provide you with an array of products and services to help you make your dreams a reality.

Ready Access Certificates

Our Ready Access Certificate of Deposit provides you the convenience to access your investment without a penalty, should you need it prior to the maturity date.  This certificate of deposit’s rate is fixed for seven (7) months and requires as little as $5,000 to open.  We allow you to take a portion or the entire balance without a penalty after the first seven days.

Traditional Certificates of Deposit

Our traditional Certificates of Deposit allow you the flexibility to invest for a short or long term, whichever suits your financial objectives.  You can select as few as three (3) months or as long as five (5) years. We will provide you the peace of mind knowing your money can safely grow with us.

The content of this page is informational only. Accounts are subject to approval. The terms of the accounts, including any fees or features, may change. See the Deposit Account agreement and additional banking services and fees for the terms and conditions associated with these products. The ATM card may only be used at ATM machines and cannot be used for merchant point of sales like a debit card.
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