4 Tips to Keep You Safe at the Gas Pump

1. Take a close look at the pump:  Avoid using pumps that are open or unlocked, have had tamper-evident security tape cut or removed, or otherwise appear unusual. Some newer pumps may also have encrypted credit card readers – look for an illuminated green lock symbol near the red card reader.

2. Pay inside, with cash or credit, instead of at the pump:  It takes just seconds for criminals to place a skimmer in a gas pump – but it’s far less likely that a fraudster placed a skimmer on the payment terminal in front of the clerk inside the gas station or convenience store.

3. Choose gas pumps closest to the physical building:  Don’t use gas pumps out of the attendant’s line of sight. 

4. Check your bank statements and sign up for fraud alerts:  Nearly every card issuer offers fraud alerts, and many will email or text you when your card is used at a gas station. Check your credit card and debit card transactions frequently to make sure no fraudulent activity has occurred.

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