Calling the bank with travel notices was so last season. Many banks have started adopting mobile banking enhancements such as Card Controls to help consumers monitor and manage their card with ease. Typically, Card Controls is located in a mobile banking application or is a separate application found on an app store for download. First Savings Bank recently rolled out with Card Controls located in our mobile banking application. Let’s take a moment to break down what Card Controls can do for you:

  1. Disable and enable your card anytime
  2. Establish location controls
  3. Only allow specific merchant & transaction types
  4. Set threshold limits
  5. Add travel notices at your convenience

Card Controls opens up the realm of possibilities to help you manage your cards the way you wish for them to be managed. If your financial institution doesn’t have a card control application, you can find access to free ones in your app store or create account alerts from your mobile application. When you create account alerts you can start receiving text alerts for things like low account balance, threshold limits or anytime your card is swiped.

At First Savings Bank, we care for our customers and their financial well-being. Stay safe and protected by signing up for Card Controls today.

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