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Treasury Management

Become more productive while saving money with our Treasury Management Services. We can help you with Remote Deposit Capture, Direct Deposit for your employee payroll, Account Reconciliation and much more. All of our Treasury Management Services will allow you to be more efficient while increasing your bottom line.

Zero Balance Accounts

A checking account in which a balance of zero is maintained by automatically transferring funds from a master account in an amount only large enough to cover checks presented.

  • Reduces idle balances in multiple accounts
  • Eliminates manual transfers between bank accounts
  • Reduces the possibility and costs of overdrafts in outlying accounts
  • Reduces reconciliation time

Zero Balance Accounts (ZBA’s) enable your business to give deposit and disbursement autonomy to local offices/branches without giving up control of company cash. There are three types of ZBA’s – Depository ZBA’s, Disbursement ZBA’s and Multi-Directional ZBA’s.

Account Reconciliation

System automation of account reconcilement.

  • Simplifies monthly account reconcilement for the customer
  • Saves staff time and costs

Simplify the critical but time-consuming task of reconciling your company checking accounts by utilizing automated systems for reconcilement. We offer several service options to meet your needs: Partial Reconcilement – First Savings Bank prepares a paid item report showing check serial number, amount paid, date paid, and check sequence number. You can have items reported sequentially by date or by check serial number. Several additional reports are generated. Full Reconcilement – This option provides the most comprehensive account information available for account deposits and disbursements. A file of deposits made and/or checks disbursed for the month is transmitted to First Savings Bank from your company. The information is then merged with the data we capture as items clear your account. Several reports are then generated so items can be easily matched back to your company’s general ledger for balancing.

Line of Credit Sweep

We meet your credit and liquidity needs by establishing a Credit Line Sweep. The Credit Line Sweep is a combination of a depository account and a Line of Credit. Balances are swept out of the credit line to the checking account when funds are needed and from the checking account to the credit line when an excess of funds exist.

Direct Deposit

No matter how many employees you have, First Savings Bank’s Direct Deposit service will streamline your payroll, pension payments, and expense reimbursements by electronically depositing funds directly into the payees’ personal checking or savings accounts. With Direct Deposit, you pay employees through the Automated Clearing House (ACH), America’s largest electronic payments network. Operating in conjunction with the Federal Reserve System, the ACH is an inexpensive and secure means of transferring your employees’ net pay from your business account to their bank account on specified pay dates. Since more than 95% of the banks in America are members of the ACH, employees should not have to change banks to enjoy the benefit of having their pay directly deposited into their account.

Positive Pay

Positive Pay protects businesses from fraud, letting them easily detect counterfeit and fraudulent checks.

  • Receive and review exception checks
  • Determine pay or return decisions
  • View images of paid checks

Online Positive Pay provides an electronic window to your First Savings Bank account through any PC with access to the Internet. Using a standard web browser, you will be able to access a streamlined menu to make easier, faster and more convenient financial decisions. You can use Positive Pay to:

  • Receive and review exception items
  • Determine pay or return decisions
  • Issue manual items (without an issue file)
  • View images of your paid checks
Online Wire Transfer Service

Our Online Banking Service provides you with the most immediate, reliable, and secure funds transfer solution available. Using a standard web browser, you can access this Internet-based Wire Transfer Service from virtually anywhere in the world. Because wire transfers are often high-dollar, time-sensitive transactions, First Savings Bank provides you with an experienced, proven support staff with the most up-to-date technology and system capabilities. These resources are dedicated to ensuring timely and accurate delivery of all your wire transfers. Using our Online Wire Transfer Service, you can:

  • Initiate Repetitive and Non-Repetitive wire transfers
  • View the status of your outgoing wire transfers
  • Designate individuals to initiate, approve, and release a wire
  • Originate domestic wire transfers
  • Use the Wire Activity Report to see summary or detailed information for incoming and outgoing wire transfers

Wire Transfer requests are processed in real-time.

Preauthorized ACH Credits

Preauthorized ACH Credits are tailor-made for businesses that pay employees, retirees, shareholders, or trading partners on a regular basis. Whether the payments are for payroll, pension benefits, dividends, or for services rendered, Preauthorized ACH Credits have real benefits for your business and for your payees. Preauthorized ACH Credits reduce the number of checks you must write and process, and eliminate the risk and cost of lost or stolen checks. Payees benefit because funds are deposited into their account on the specified date without requiring a special trip to the bank. In addition, both of you know exactly when you will be making and receiving payments.

Preauthorized ACH Debits

Preauthorized ACH Debits are tailor-made for businesses that need to collect payments from customers on a regular basis. Whether you collect insurance payments, mortgage payments, utility charges, cable payments, membership dues, or any other type of payment, Preauthorized ACH Debits have real benefits for your business and for your customers. These debits speed up your collection of payments and eliminate costly invoice preparation and mailing. Customers like the fact that they no longer have to wire and mail a check to you for their payments, and you know exactly when you will be receiving payments.

Remote Deposit Capture

The Check Clearing for the 21st Century Act, also known as Check 21, allows banks to accept and process electronic check images in lieu of the original paper item. The passage of Check 21 has created a revolutionary check clearing opportunity that allows you to streamline your check deposit operations. The faster you can process these payments, while maintaining accuracy, the sooner funds can be made available for investing, loan payments, and other business purposes. Your business can take advantage of the efficiencies that can be gained by using your financial organization’s Remote Deposit Capture.

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