Your 20s signifies an exciting time in your life. Many are starting their journey into adulthood and finding their financial freedom. Managing your finances wisely during this time can lay the foundation for a prosperous future. Let’s dive into some key financial tips that will help you navigate your financial journey:

Build a budgeting blueprint
Budgeting is a great way to navigate your finances month over month. However, when you hear the word budget many individuals are daunted by this task. Budgeting doesn’t have to be hard, especially when given tools like Personal Finance Manager. Track your income, set spending limits and allocate savings goals digitally when you enroll in Personal Finance through First Savings digital platform.

Savings strategies that work for you
Whether you’re saving for a trip, your next car or just building a nest egg having a savings account comes in handy. There are many savings strategies, some more aggressive than others that allow you to build toward your financial. It is ideal to find one that works for you. A popular strategy is the 50/30/20 rule. This strategy suggests dividing 50% of your income towards rent, utilities and groceries. The next 30% can be used for discretionary spending while the remaining 20% should be saved or invested. This is only one strategy and what works for one person, may not work for you. You should always compare your options and pick a strategy that is right for you.

Credit score and more
Your 20s is a time to work on bettering your financial health, and what better way than by working on building your credit score. Your credit score is a number that gives lenders an idea of your capacity to repay a loan. If you have started paying back your student loans or have opened your first credit card, then congratulations, you have made the first step towards building your score! Now is the time to keep up with your credit score by going to and receiving your free annual copy today. Additionally, if you are a customer of First Savings, please visit your mobile app to check your credit score anytime and explore ways to improve your score.

Investing in your future
It’s never too early to start investing in your future. Take time to explore your options and align them with your goals. There are many options available such as CDs, stock options, 401(k) and standard savings accounts. At First Savings Bank, we offer many savings account options that offer higher rates. Reach out to today or chat with us by visiting

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