Securely Submit NNN Financial Documents

    • The safety and security of your financial information is important to us.
      Please submit your financial documents with confidence to our credit analysts through the secure portal below.

This will open the First Savings Bank Dropbox, where you can build a secure email in three easy steps:

Step 1 Box: Set up the Email

    • Enter your email address in the “From” field
    • Enter a note (not required) in the “Message” or “Encrypted Message” boxes on the right side

Step 2 Box: Attach your Files

    • Drag and drop the files you wish to send, OR click the “Select Files” text link to choose the files from your computer’s file directory

Step 3 Box: Enter the Security Code

    • Type the code pictured

Click the “Upload” button, and you should see an “Upload Successful” confirmation message. This means a secure email with your files has been sent to First Savings Bank. 

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