#changeup: Debit Card Round Up Savings Program

    Saving a penny here, and a penny there, makes a lot of cents! With the First Savings Bank #changeup program, we’ll round up your debit card purchases to the nearest dollar and deposit the difference into your savings account.

Getting Started

1.   Do you have a First Savings Bank checking and savings account?  If not, we’ll set yours up today!

2.   Use your debit card for everyday purchases.  

3.   At the end of each day, each transaction is rounded to the nearest dollar, and the total difference is deposited into your savings account.  You’ll see a corresponding debit on your checking account. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a fee to use #changeup?

No, #changeup is a FREE service that we offer as a convenient way to help our customers save money.

What kind of savings account can I use with #changeup

Your savings account may be set as a First Step Savings, Statement Savings or INUTMA for which you are custodian.

Can this be used with more than one debit card on the account?

Yes!  All debit cards associated with the checking account will trigger #changeup.  If you have a joint account with someone, both of your cards will round transactions to the nearest dollar with the difference being deposited into your designated savings account.

If my available balance is close to the transaction amount, will #changeup overdraw my account?

No.  If your balance is just enough to cover the transaction, it will not round up, and nothing will be transferred to your savings account.

Can I use #changeup with my business account?

No, #changeup is available for personal accounts only.

Don't Be Shy

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