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E-statement Enrollment Instructions

E-statement Enrollment

    1. Log in to Online Banking. Under the Accounts tab, select the e-Statement option.
    2. When enrolling in e-Statements, you must first accept the disclosure. Click “View Disclosure”, review the disclosure, check the  “I Accept” box, then “Accept”.
    3. Setup email list. Select the email address where you wish to receive notifications regarding e-Statements or add a new email address,  then “Submit”.
    4. You may also enroll in e-Statements for an account of which you are not the primary owner; however, please uncheck any joint account you DO NOT wish to setup e-Statements for.
    5. Once enrolled you may view past statements by selecting the account to view then use the drop-down arrow to select the statement date you are looking for. After the statement is presented, it may be viewed, saved or printed.
    6. Select the edit pencil icon on the far right to update how you wish to have notification alerts sent to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to receive e-Statements?

Great news! e-Statements are FREE! In fact- choosing e-Statements on certain account types actually lowers your monthly fee. Stop by any branch for more details.

Can I still have my statements combined?


Do I receive the images of my checks with my e-Statement?

If you currently receive check images – you will still receive them when you switch to e-Statements.

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