At First Savings Bank, we are always on the move to provide you with the customer service you have come to expect. The power to deliver your statements electronically is not a new initiative, but one we embrace and love. Going green not only reduces the use of paper but could hold additional security benefits. Traditionally, statements were always mailed so customers could balance their accounts, but as most of us have experienced, sometimes we fall victim to lost mail. Losing your bank statement can be scary, mostly because this is a lot of sensitive information that could potentially be in the hands of someone other than yourself.

The Perks of Going Green with eStatements  
There is a wealth of benefits that eStatements bring, besides being eco-friendly. Most importantly they can add an additional layer of security to your accounts, and immediate access to your statement the day it is cut.  

When it comes to security, eStatements are delivered to your digital banking application and can be viewed instantly after the statement has been cut, reducing the chance of your sensitive information falling into the wrong hands. Convenient, secure and environmentally responsible banking solutions are at your disposal when you opt-in for eStatements.

Handling Your eStatements
First Savings Bank is here to help make your banking experience a breeze. If you currently have an account with First Savings enrolling for eStatements is easy. Simply log into your Online Banking and select ‘Documents’ from the accounts tab. Once you have finished the enrollment process you will start receiving emails alerting you that your statement is ready to be viewed electronically. Save time and go green by signing up today!

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