Ride a Bike

We are excited to offer First Savings Bank employees the opportunity to use our FSB branded bikes. We have 3 bikes located in the lobby at the corporate office and 3 in the back of the Customer First area of the Ops Center.  Our legal team has asked that we follow some guidelines for lability purposes prior to checking out the bikes.

  1. You MUST submit acknowledgement of the Bike Liability Release Form. Each employee who plans to ride a bike is REQUIRED to sign the waiver. The signed document should be sent to Kay at [email protected] .

  2. After the signed Liability Release Form is logged, your name will be added to a list to receive information about the bikes’ including combinations.  Combinations should not be shared with anyone – including other employees. This will ensure anyone that accesses the bikes have signed the waiver.

  3. Please refresh yourself on bicycle protocol by reading a few Rules of the Road:

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