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First Savings Bank | Certificate of Deposit Accounts Registry Service (CDARS)

Invest with Peace of Mind

When you open a large deposit CD with First Savings Bank enjoy the peace of mind of having multi-million-dollar FDIC insurance while only having one trusted bank relationship.


CDARS offers:

  • One banking relationship – Deposit all your funds with us and only worry about dealing with us – your trusted financial institution.
  • One rate – Earn one interest rate per maturity on CD investments placed through CDARS.
  • One statement – Receive one statement detailing your CD investments.
  • Flexible maturities – Select from various maturities, ranging from four weeks to three years. Choose the best term to suit your needs.
  • No additional fees – There are no additional fees for using the CDARS service.

See how CDARS work:


What is a CDARS account?

CDARS is short for Certificate of Deposit Account Registry Service and is a convenient way to take full advantage of FDIC insurance on deposit amounts exceeding $250,000 for customers who invest in CDs.

What makes a CDARS account better than using multiple banks?

You get to enjoy the convenience of having your funds separated for FDIC protection without you doing any of the heavy lifting.

How can CDARS make funds eligible for FDIC insurance in excess of the standard maximum deposit insurance amount?

Financial institutions that offer CDARS are members of the IntraFi Network. The customer funds are placed into CDs at the network banks, each in an amount less than the standard FDIC insurance maximum of $250,000.

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