More and more people say they prefer the convenience of online shopping over conventional store shopping. But the advantages of click over brick – saving time, more choices, on spot reviews and comparisons, avoiding crowds – come with some risks. More than 23 million Americans have had their packages stolen from their homes. During the Holidays, the ubiquitous Christmas packages have become a sought after item for burglars.

So how can you stay ahead of would-be “Porch Pirates”?

  1. Pick up at your local UPS, FedEx or USPS facility
  2. Use signature confirmation
  3. Leave delivery instructions to drop off the package someplace out of sight
  4. Deliver to your workplace
  5. Use UPS “My Choice” and FedEx “Delivery Manager” to track packages, receive delivery alerts, and schedule delivery time
  6. Use a relative’s or a neighbor’s address
  7. Keep a camera visibly pointed at your porch

A stolen package can ruin your day. Follow these tips to help you protect your purchases and reduce stress this Holiday season!

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