Spring Break is almost here! Make sure your finances are safe during your next vacation with the following tips:

– Notify your bank debit card and credit card department that you will be going out of town so that your cards are not frozen for suspicious activity out of your spending area.

– Place a hold on mail delivery so that any checks you might be receiving stay at the post office until you return.

– Make copies of all IDs, credit cards, and debit cards. Keep one copy with you, and keep the other copy at home. You can also use an app like Keeper on your phone to save that information.

– Save the toll free numbers for all credit and debit cards you keep in your wallet.

What to do in case your debit or credit card is lost or stolen:

– Immediately notify the creditor(s) so they can cancel your card(s) and issue new ones. You would then need to file a police report.

First Savings Bank’s Debit Card customers can call:

First Savings Bank’s Credit Card customers can call:

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