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It’s time to revolutionize your banking with our Core Banking ugrade!

Are you ready to experience the future of banking with our new Core banking system – convenient, fast and more secure than ever before!

We are excited to let our customers know that we are upgrading our Core banking system on August 12th! Here is a timeline for what you should expect as we get closer to the date.

60 Days – Announcement of core banking upgrade

30 Days – Our website will update with more detailed information, and we will be sending you informational packets on the changes to come.

5-7 days – Be on the lookout for detailed information on our digital banking platforms and website on how to reduce delay in application disruptions.

August 12th All Branch locations will be closed to ensure our upgrade has been completed.

August 14th Our doors will open at 8:30 a.m. and all applications will be restored.

Change is never easy, but we are here to make this upgrade seamless. There will be disruptions the weekend of the upgrade, however, there are many improvements you will see after the completion of the upgrade. Here are just a couple of benefits you will see:

  • Free credit scoring

  • Reduced teller tickets – making your window transaction faster

  • Financial calculators

  • Zelle – digital payment system

  • Improved card controls – set region notices to your card from your phone

This is only the start to the experience our consumers will receive. Please, continue checking our website for updates, along with email and mail alerts we will be sending as our upgrade is quickly approaching

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the reason for a Core Banking Upgrade?

Core technology upgrades provide an array of benefits to our customers, including enhanced services both online and within a new updated mobile app. Overall, the new system will provide members with a better experience, greater security and convenience.

What is a Core technology upgrade?

The Core system is the technical software that executes major banking functions, such as:

  • Opening and managing accounts
  • Originating and servicing loans
  • Processing cash deposits and withdrawals
  • Posting transactions
  • Calculating interest
  • Integrating with internal, third party and customer channels
  • Statement process
  • Enhanced fraud protection
Will the branches be closed?

All First Savings Bank branches will be closed Saturday, August 12th to ensure we are ready to serve you bright and early Monday, August 14th.

Will my online banking be down during this time?

Yes, online, digital and voice banking will all be inactive starting the evening of Friday, August 11th. We will have everything back up Monday, August 14th with a fresh upgrade.

Will everything in digital banking carry over?

We have many great upgrades you will see in digital banking. We will be moving away from Pocket, but you will receive a more enhanced Personal Finance Manager tool within the new digital banking system. Your items such as bill payees, accounts and debit card manager will all carry over.

Will my statements be accessible after the upgrade?

Yes, after the upgrade is performed you will be able to access the last 12 months of statements. We will be cutting a new statement on the 11th which will be accessible a week after Monday, August 14th.

Will my debit card still work while you are offline?

Yes, our debit card will remain fully functional during this period.

Will your ATMs work during this time?

Yes, our ATMs will be operate normally using the last balance after Friday night.

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